Best Terpenes for Anxiety

There are hundreds of terpenes found in nature, and they all have different effects on the human body, the best ones for relieving anxiety are as follows: Limonene, Beta-caryophyllene, Alpha-pinene, Linalool.


While most found in citrus fruits, limonene can also be found in certain cannabis strains, especially those with a strong citrus scent like lemon or orange. It’s one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis, second only to myrcene.
One of limonene effects is that it can reduce your stress levels. 
It has other benefits as well such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties that can help users keep themselves healthy.


This particular terpene is often associated with a strong black pepper scent and flavor and is one of the best terpenes that help relieve anxiety. In fact, cannabis strains that contain beta-caryophyllene are considered to be some of the most calming and soothing strains available.
As a CB2 receptor agonist, it works well with CBD and has numerous benefits like reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Other beta-caryophyllene benefits include reducing stress and the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, and others.


This terpene is most common in pine trees and other types of coniferous plants. It’s also found in certain cannabis strains like Blue Dream and OG Kush.
One of its effects and benefits is that it inhibits the brain’s acetylcholinesterase activity-improving your ability to retain memories as well as your brain’s cognitive functions. It also helps reduce some unwanted side effects of THC such as anxiety, making you feel calmer and more relaxed.
It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate pain, reducing some of the feelings of stress you may feel.


Linalool is popular due to its floral scent and is commonly found in lavender. Its scent has been found to reduce aggressive behavior as well as alleviate feelings of anxiety due to its calming and soothing effects.
Other benefits of this terpene include antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant properties. Some research says that this particular terpene helps improve the effectiveness of SSRIs. SSRIs are a commonly prescribed type of medication for depression and anxiety.

let’s take a look at some of the best cannabis strains for anxiety relief.


This strain contains more CBD than THC which means it induces a more relaxing feeling without experiencing the psychoactive effects common to most cannabis strains. It’s rich in the 5 anti-anxiety terpenes such as myrcene and limonene.


This is considered as one of the best medicinal cannabis strains that contain more CBD than THC as well as high levels of myrcene, alpha-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene.

Bubba Kush

Although it has a high THC content, Bubba Kush cannabis strain contains large amounts of terpenes like beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. This makes it great for users who want to feel more relaxed and anxiety-free while enjoying the psychoactive effects of cannabis.