Our Collaborations

The Bazelet Group

The Bazelet Group is the largest medical cannabis company in Israel, serving 9,000 patients monthly. The company distributes cannabis products, operates an innovative GMP standard manufacturing plant, runs clinical studies and develops new products. Green Fields works in broad collaboration with the company and has developed a joint brand – GREEN ROCK for pharmacies.

Seach שיח ישראל

Green Fields has signed a cooperation agreement with Seach, a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry that produces customized products for patients, pharmacies, and doctors in Israel. Seach has several subsidiaries in Israel and abroad in addition to strategic partnerships, which allow us to deepen our technological capabilities and strengthen our presence as a key player in the cannabis industry in Israel and around the world.

Canndoc, a subsidiary of Intercure, is one of the largest and oldest cannabis companies in Israel, a pioneer in the production, import and export of medical cannabis products.  The company researches and develops unique cannabis strains and conducts clinical trials at the FDA standard.  The company has over 20 pharmacies nationwide.

Green Fields works in collaboration with Canndoc in cultivation of new cannabis strains marketed in pharmacies in Israel

IMC International Medical Cannabis

Green Fields has signed a cooperation agreement with IMC, one of the first cannabis companies in Israel. IMC operates is a Multi-Country Operator in the medical cannabis sector. IMC produces cannabis strains and is engaged in research and development.

Agricultural Research Organisation - Voicani Center

Green Fields partners with the Volcani Center, a government funded agricultural research organization, and BRLev nursery to develop new strains with traits targeting specific medical indications. Dr. Moshe Flaishman, PhD, from the Volcani Center is leading the cannabis breeding project to increase reproducibility and to develop strains with higher levels of the less common cannabinoids (such as CBC, CBG, THCV) and terpenes.

ROOTS Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd.

Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies develops disruptive, cutting edge technologies to address plant climate management via root zone temperature optimization. Roots’ technology significantly increases yield, improves quality, saves energy, and mitigates extreme heat and cold stress.


Green Fields collaborates with Higrade on the installation of its unique mobile cannabis testing technology for monitoring the cannabis growth processes and identifying the development of active components. In addition to the standard surveillance processes for growing cannabis, advanced cameras are located in all greenhouses, revealing microscopic plant structures - identifying pests and agronomic hazards, reducing depreciation and saving manpower.


Profit-Agro Ltd is an industry leading  Manufacture of greenhouse structures and advance cultivation technologies. As an EPC contractor Profit-Agro designed  and developed Green Fields greenhouse from A-Z