Green Fields – New Website

Green Fields, a leading name in the cannabis industry, proudly announces the launch of its brand-new website, now live at This milestone marks a significant step forward in providing an enhanced online experience for customers and industry professionals alike.

Designed by the talented web designer, Avihay Zanetti, the new website reflects Green Fields’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and user-centric design. With a sleek and intuitive interface, visitors can easily navigate through the site to explore Green Fields‘ premium products, services, and the latest advancements in cannabis cultivation.

The website development was entrusted to JONNY – Digital Made Right, a renowned agency specializing in crafting exceptional digital experiences. JONNY’s expertise in web development and their passion for creating cutting-edge solutions perfectly align with Green Fields’ vision for a dynamic online presence.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new website as a testament to our continuous growth and commitment to providing the best for our valued customers,” said the CEO of Green Fields. “The collaboration with Avihay Zanetti and JONNY has been exceptional, resulting in a website that captures the essence of our brand and delivers an unparalleled user experience.”

With a focus on aesthetics, functionality, and seamless user interaction, the new website showcases Green Fields’ wide range of premium cannabis products and services. Visitors can explore detailed product descriptions, browse through strain profiles, and gain insights into the cultivation techniques employed by the industry-leading experts at Green Fields.

The new website also serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering educational materials, industry news, and a platform for customers to connect with the Green Fields team. Whether individuals are cannabis enthusiasts, industry professionals, or curious newcomers, the website provides a wealth of information and support.

“We wanted our website to be more than just a digital storefront. We aimed to create an immersive online destination where visitors can not only explore our products but also learn about the science, innovation, and passion behind our brand,” added.

Green Fields invites visitors to explore the new website and experience the world of premium cannabis products and services. To learn more, please visit