Pan Europe-Asia Medical Cannabis Partnership;
My Green Fields Company Limited (Green Fields)
and Pacific Cannovation Company Limited (PACCAN)

February 24, 2023, Green Fields and PACCAN have entered into a partnership Memorandum of  Understanding to co-develop both medical and recreational cannabis products for the global  markets. ( ( 

PACCAN is a fully integrated Cannabis and herbal medicine company in Thailand. The Company  has a complete seed to sale medical and recreational cannabis platform, and is one of the few  companies with a full medical license from the Ministry of Public Health. In the upstream segment,  PACCAN starts from manufacturing IFOAM organic grow materials and fertilizers, and progresses  to GAP/ GACP cultivation in the North of Thailand, with more than 40,000 square meters of real  estate.  

PACCAN also operates four other cultivation sites in other provinces throughout Thailand, and is  currently marketing its flowers under the brand Weed Cellar. For the midstream segment,  PACCAN owns a GMP & PIC/S pharmaceutical extraction and medical cannabis manufacturing  facility, with a full ISO17025 laboratory, in Samutsakhon province. Products include cannabis  tinctures, gummies, soft gels, and CBD mint balls. The company is already producing and selling  its medical cannabis products under the brand name D.R. CANN. For downstream segment,  PACCAN owns and operates clinics and wellness centers throughout Thailand under the brand  name CANNA LIFE, and the company continues to develop up to 1,000 distribution points for its  recreational and medical cannabis products.  

Green Fields Green Fields is a leading player in the Israeli cannabis industry with full ownership  of the largest cultivation facility outside of America. The facility located in the north of Israel,  starches over 45,000 sqm with a 1,800 sqm post-harvest unit, equipped with the latest  technologies, such as fully automated irrigation and fertigation systems, HVAC-R Climate control  system and led VYPR supplementary lights by FLUENCE. All are designed to bring cutting-edge,  high-quality cannabis products with a production capacity of up to 23 tons per year.  

CRAFT. Alongside all those technologies, in order to preserve the high potency of the flower’s  active ingredients, Green Fields implements traditional cultivation methods as well, including rack drying and carefully hand-trimmed. 

The facility was constructed to obtain strict agricultural and pharmaceutical standards such as  IMC-GAP, GACP, and GMP which positions Green Fields as a significant player in the  international medical and recreational markets.  

In addition to technical attributes, Green Fields has additional commercial advantages and  collaborations. the company holds strong partnerships with world-leading genetics companies  (mainly in the US), which ensures a consistent supply of the world’s most novel, popular, and  award-winning strains. Green Fields’ ability to be the first to launch desirable genetics is an  important advantage in this emerging industry.  

Furthermore, Green Fields collaborates with leading cannabis researchers to define medicinal  claims for its strains which provides added value to its products.  

“We are excited by this momentous partnership which brings together the capabilities from both  sides in a highly synergistic and symbiotic collaboration model. With Green Fields technology,  knowhow, experience, and genetics, PACCAN aims to become a major high quality/ low cost  production hub, supplying the local and global markets,” Joe Trairatanobhas, CEO PACCAN.  

“We are excited to start our common journey with PACCAN. This partnership will enable both  parties to leverage their respective strengths in the emerging international cannabis market.  Green Fields’ facility capabilities, technology, expertise, experience, and genetics combined with  PACCAN’s vertically integrated seed-to-sale platforms, create new opportunities, and provides  the parties an important advantage in leading international markets”Lior Saada Pisso, owner of  Green Fields.  

“I am very impressed by Green Field’s high-tech/ high quality production facility in Moshav  Megadim, Israel. This is definitely a best-in-class cultivation operation, that is able to achieve  highest quality standards at a competitive cost base. I believe that Green Field is an undisputed  leader in genetics development, finding and developing the best cannabis strains for both  recreational and medical purposes. Through our collaboration, I am confident we will be able to  find and develop the best cannabis strains to be cultivated in Thailand’s efficient platform.  

We are also in discussion to manufacture medical cannabis formulas with Green Field and launch  these efficacious products in the Thai and Asian markets.  

From a marketing/ distribution perspective, Green Field can be our window to the European  markets, while PACCAN can be Green Field’s window to the emerging Asian markets. 

The vision is to cultivate this partnership beyond operation collaboration towards establishing a  Joint Venture Company that leads in high quality cultivation. Thailand has suitable climate  parameters for Cannabis plant, which will enable us to be able to cultivate at a very low cost base,  positioned for competitive exportations to the global markets.  

There are a lot of exciting developments in the near future, and we will make sure to constantly  update the community and markets of our progress,” Joe Trairatanobhas, CEO PACCAN.